About The Makers Project

Makers is located in an historic brick building in Windsor which has been renovated into a unique maker space. Conceived as a community project to inspire creativity, enhance skills, foster economic growth and add to local cultural and social opportunities, Makers is a privately funded, non-profit social enterprise.

It’s a very simple concept with such a broad application that it very nearly defies a quick “elevator speech”. Equal parts a community driven “trade school”, a social space, an arts center and a retail space, we’ve started it with the idea that if we build it, it will evolve into exactly what the community needs.

The most succinct description is that Makers is both a place to make and learn to make things – whether it’s a carved wooden duck, a baby blanket, a motherboard, a set of candles or a welded table for your patio and to do things – whether it’s reading one of our how-to books, joining a book club or film club, taking in a musical performance, attending an art show or shopping in the retail store.

The Facility

Makers is located at 21 and 31 Gerrish Street in WIndsor, Nova Scotia. Our facility, two joined together storefronts, is 4500 square feet of carefully designed space.

On the “makerside” we have a professionally equipped woodshop and a large open space which contains over 200 boxes, drawers and baskets of supplies, materials, tools and equipment. Full of movable benches and stools, the space is easily configured for a variety of creative uses.

On the other side we have a lounge/library area with a member’s kitchen and on the mezzanine level a social/entertainment/gaming area with a large smart tv and an assortment of comfortable seating. On the upper level we have a fiber floor with supplies, tools and surfaces for sewing, quilting, felting, knitting, cross stitching and a variety of other fibre arts.

The Team

Makers is run with a small core of dedicated and partially paid staff and a group of generous volunteers.

Catherine Jamieson performs the day to day Executive Director functions.

Tacha Reid takes care of retail and is our liaison with the art community in addition to hosting Fibre Circle and keeping the Fibre floor organized.

Heather Walker  takes care of the basic book keeping, a lot of the STEM and youth programming, Little Makers and the sewing area.

Matthew Bureaux performs a wide variety of functions from woodshop to youth STEM.

Natasha Farrell is our “energizer bunny of creativity”  and works on Activity Boxes, programming and marketing. 

Special shout outs to our amazing volunteers without whom Makers could not exist. We humbly thank you.


Sydney Trider, Nancy Bezanson-Sheehy, Denise Zinck, Pat Szczepanowska, Maggie Bell, Janet Lunn, Nicole Turpin, Mandy Fleet, Tarah Gibbon, Raymond Meehan, Cara Sawka, Sue Reid, Pete Smits, Esther Spurr, Roy Kohn, Kate Vasiyliw, Jen Rhodes, Carey Rolfe, Karen Cooper, Alex Hanes, Shawn Farrell, Lorraine Purcell.