About The Makers Project

Makers is located in an historic brick building in Windsor which has been renovated into a unique maker space. Conceived as a community project to inspire creativity, enhance skills, foster economic growth and add to local cultural and social opportunities, Makers is a privately funded, non-profit social enterprise.

It’s a very simple concept with such a broad application that it very nearly defies a quick “elevator speech”. Equal parts a community driven “trade school”, a social space, an arts center and a retail space, we’ve started it with the idea that if we build it, it will evolve into exactly what the community needs.

The most succinct description is that Makers is both a place to make and learn to make things – whether it’s a carved wooden duck, a baby blanket, a motherboard, a set of candles or a welded table for your patio and to do things – whether it’s reading one of our how-to books, joining a book club or film club, taking in a musical performance, attending an art show or shopping in the retail store.


Join The Team

If you donate something, offer to teach a class, start a club or activity, buy a membership, help us set up one of our shops, volunteer your time or offer ideas and suggestions, then you’ve joined the team.

We’re in the making it happen phase and this is when we need the most feedback and participation from the community. We need your ideas and energy … we feel strongly that Makers has to form itself organically around the needs of the community. At some point Makers will employ people and create actual jobs, but for the short term, as we wrestle it into being, we will rely heavily upon the generosity of the community at large.

In many ways, for many people, it can be seen as the creation of an income opportunity. Makers can house hundreds of private enterprises for teachers and makers.

We have budgeted for many items but will need to actively solicit donations and goodwill deals of tools, materials, services and supplies. Below you will find the three areas into which we have organized our needs. If you see any way in which you can help out or offer advice, please contact us.


our plan in three nutshells



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