ONLY $10

A Makers DAY PASS lets you do almost everything a member can for an entire day.

Have a hankering to try your hand at watercolor or acrylic painting? Sketching? A little light woodworking in the afternoon? Some crafting in the early evening? Sit in on the cafe performance by the local singer/songwriter as the sun falls? A circuit board as the clock winds down?  You’re only limited by your imagination.

Any non member who attends a members-free event requires a day pass. That pass may then be used for the entire day.


Day Pass User Guidelines

Day Pass users agree to abide by all rules and regulations as may be implemented or altered from time to time by MAKERS. Such rules and regulations include safety, resource usage, child supervision and public behavior.

SAFETY: Day Pass users must abide by all posted safety regulations and protocols and do nothing that will endanger themselves, others or MAKERS property.

RESOURCES: Day Pass users are free to use most resources which are identified as being for member use.   Day Pass users are encouraged to exercise reasonable restraint in the use of supplies and to make supply donations if an excess of supplies are used.

Day Pass users may not use certain woodshop tools or supplies and may not enter the woodshop itself.

CHILD SUPERVISION: Children 16 and under who are at Makers on a Day Pass must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times. The supervising adult must also purchase a Day Pass.

PUBLIC BEHAVIOUR: Respectful discourse, polite interaction, fairness, honesty and decency are all expected behaviours of MAKERS participants while at MAKERS. Consumption of drugs or alcohol on the premises will not be tolerated.

Day Pass Users agree that event or promotional photography may include them or their works, are owned by MAKERS and are not subject to copyright claims.

Day Pass Users agree that they undertake activities at MAKERS at their own risk and except for liability related to negligence MAKERS is not liable for injury or loss suffered while members are engaged in activities at MAKERS.