We don’t live in a perfect world, of course, but sometimes going through the exercise that starts with “If we had the resources, we could …” is worth the frustration because it can clarify your real feet-on-the-ground mission and give you causes to work towards.

You can’t be, as the expression goes, all things to all people – but I think Social Enterprises like Makers owe it to the communities they serve to be – at the very least – as many things as they can be to as many people as possible.

Below is a rough list of the things we dream of doing – the things we will do, one by one, as we gain access to the resources we need.

Predictably, this one garners the most positive response from the young people. Eyes go wide when you mention coding workshops, green screens, video making, access to computers and other tech equipment such as 3D printers.

We have a dream to build a Tech Lab. We would likely move the woodshop to the lower level (see renovate basement later in this list) and use the woodshop space to host the lab.

Rough estimate of cost: $35,000.




Our Little Makers club was very popular but we were unable to continue it because the staff member who hosted it was simply unable to devote the necessary time to its development.

The resource we need here is not money – but time and generosity. We would love to find a person or person(s) who would be willing to plan and host a regular pre-school creative activity for local children and their guardians.

In a perfect world, that person would have some ECD training or experience in primary education. Are you that person?

When we started out, we let members have member boxes so that they could keep things they were working on at Makers in between visits. Because our membership grew so quickly, we rapidly ran out of space and shelves.

For a variety of very good reasons – both practical and market-driven – we would very much like to raise the funds to remediate our basement so we can use it for member box storage, donation sorting and supply storage and, potentially, the woodshop (see Tech Lab above). This requires a full clean out and some repair/construction work, building of shelves to store the landlord’s belongings, building of shelves to store member boxes, building of tables and benches for sorting donations and an electrical upgrade.

Rough estimate of cost: $25,000



There are several pieces of equipment that would make great additions to Makers. Some are necessary for us to complete some aspects of our long term plan and others are part of bigger ideas we have to provide better value to the community and our members.

We recently lost our compound mitre saw, our compressor and our nail gun which had been on loan and were retrieved by the owner – so, at a minimum, we need to replace those items.  ($2,500)

We need to purchase a band saw as one is required for the creation of many Maker Boxes, Maker Kits and Made at Makers. Ours is old and not as safe as it needs to be. So, we feel we should look for a more modern and safer tool.  ($750)

We currently run with an eleven year old desktop and a new laptop. We would like to purchase three laptops. ($2400)  

As a oart of our revenue generating plans, we would like to purchase a wide format multi-media printer. ($4400)  

Everything that we do, all the revenue programs, all the fundraising, all the effort, is aimed at providing excellence in programming for the community.

We would very much like to be able to offer the following programs:

  • Senior programming

  • Youth STEM

  • After School Program

  • Summer Program

  • Teen Social Program

  • NSCAD Prep Program