A group of nine (9) or less can come to Makers without an appointment. If any of them are non-members, they simply need a Day Pass. This allows them to have the usual self-directed Makers experience as a group.

However, once a group becomes ten or larger, it becomes a logistical concern and we need to ensure there is space available. Please call or email in advance to find out if space is available so we can reserve it for you.

Except for the Party Pack, the basic individual charge for a group session is the same as any other situation: free for members and a Day Pass for non-members. Day Passes are currently $10 each.

Read below to find out more about group sessions.


There must be at least one (1) adult chaperone for every five (5) children.

Adults which are there specifically to act as chaperones and are not active participants, are not charged a participation fee. Adults which participate (use supplies) are charged the standard rate.

Chaperones are expected to get supplies, monitor supply use, ensure safe use of materials and tools, supervise clean up – including brushes and palettes, monitor behavior and put away any boxes or tools used.

If you do not have enough chaperones, Makers can provide them for a fee of $75 per chaperone.

Every group of 15 or more children will be charged a venue fee of $75.

A  Makers Facilitator must be hired for

(a) any scheduled activity on the fibre floor and/or

(b) any activity which requires the use of the woodshop


Your group engages in wholly self-directed activities using whatever materials and supplies are on hand/available.


A facilitation fee of $75 is charged for each of the following services:

(a) the advance preparation of a requested, specific activity – such as cutting wood or fabric, pre-assembling parts, etc.

(b) the planning and provision of a guided/hosted activity – such as jewelry making or a particular craft


Basic party service is $75 plus $20 per participant (regardless of membership status) and includes a Makers Facilitator who will either plan and execute an activity or help you execute your planned activity.

Party Pack service includes cake, ice cream (or other similar snack as requested), drinks, favour bags and decorations suitable for the ocassion.