Maker Boxes are one of the ways that we intend to become self sufficient and sustainable.

A Maker Box is a box which contains all the parts. pieces and tools which might be required to complete the craft or toy or object in the box. As an example, we make a Wooly Sheep box which contains a wooden sheep shape with holes, a wooden needle and a ball of wool. Based on a Waldorf style toy, and designed to help with patience and dexterity, the idea is to wrap, sew or weave the wool through or around the holes to create a “dressed” or wooly sheep.

Other boxes contain items which come in many parts and which must be put together. Sometimes the activity involved is construction and sometimes it is decoration – sometimes both.

Maker Boxes are packaged in a kraft box, labelled with kraft paper tags and tied with a jute string.

All items inside are either made by us out of natural materials, or are upcycled or otherwise environmentally friendly.

By using supplies which have been donated we are able to fulfill the important environmental role of upcycling. In fact, we plan our Maker Boxes around what supplies we have on hand and how likely we are to get more of the same supplies in future donations.



It is our plan to develop an entire line of Maker Boxes (which is always expanding and shifting to meet market demands) and sell them not only at the Makers location but in other stores around the province and country and through our own online shop.

At the moment we have the following boxes either in prototype or final stages of development:

Wooly Sheep
Chicken and Chicks (pull toy for children)
Fairy Doors 
Wood Toy Car and Trailer
Wind Chimes 
Book Ends
Bird Mobile