Maker Kits are another of our fun-to-do, awesome programs. A Maker kit is a base kit which you purchase at Makers and then complete in the Makerspace (or on your own, in your own space, but we have all the goodies here!) 

Unlike a Maker Box, a Maker Kit does NOT contain all of the materials needed to finish it – it is the form or base for a project which is intended to be finished according to each person’s individual taste.

Maker Kits contain the elemental components. As an example, our Fairy House Kit contains the wood base, the wood house, the wood door, the dowels required to hold them together, a bundle of driftwood sticks and a clump of moss.

We include the sticks and moss because they are seasonal items that may not always be available in the Makerspace.

You then take the kit to the Makerspace and complete it using any of our tools, supplies, or materials. 



We’re very excited about kits.  Kits are a really great way to kickstart creativity and allow members and non-members to take home a solid finished product.

We have a LOT of plans for kits – from signs and ornaments made out of wood to jewelry to pre-cut fabric and wool to create fibre pieces.

They work very simply: members can purchase Maker Kits and use all our supplies and tools to finish or embellish them in any way they want.

Maker Kits are expected to run between $2 and $20, depending on the raw materials included and the labour required to prepare them. A non-member’s price will always be the member price plus the current Day Pass rate.  So a non-member can buy the kit and use the Makerspace to complete it, the same as a member.