We’re a place where people can come to make things, socialize, learn, teach and engage in social and creative activities designed to enrich our lives and strengthen our community.

Makers is a place for both self-directed and facilitated activities where the primary mode of learning is organic and peer-to-peer.

Conceived as a community project to inspire creativity, enhance skills, foster economic growth and add to local cultural and social opportunities, Makers is a privately funded, non-profit social enterprise.


We have over 200 boxes of supplies from jewelry to circuit boards, a well equipped woodshop, over 100 bins of fabric, yarn and wool, a ready to use fibre floor, tools and equipment for a variety of disciplines, hundreds of books, dozens of games and lots of small wood and model building supplies.

We always have fresh pre-organized “activity boxes”, frequent scheduled group activities and regular musical events.

Members may access Makers any time it is open and attend any public activity, come as often as they want, stay as long as they want and use any public supplies, materials and tools for personal creation.

Memberships run for a full year from the date of purchase. Members recieve a preferred rate of commission on sold items (25%) and a preferred ability to book activities.

Come to create, learn, teach or just socialize.



Makers is as much about the people and the place as it is the “stuff”.  As more and more people come to Makers, the wider the pool of knowledge becomes. We envision a time when there’s always someone around who knows how to replace a bobbin or cut a piece of wood.

As a member, you could use Makers as a studio and use our tools and space amenities to create your own products.

Or you could host an activity or a class. What Makers can be is only limited by our own imaginations.

The maker space was designed to be multi-purpose. There’s a fibre floor which is set up for felting and needlework and sewing and quilting. But it’s also good for meetings and solitary work.

There’s a social level that is great for doing homework, playing a board game, reading a book, crocheting or knitting or having a coffee with friends. But it’s also good for watching a movie, working on jewelry, having a club meeting  or listening to music.

And in the makerspace itself, as we say, you can do almost anything.



You are expected to share your skills and knowledge, to help people when you see they need it, to respect the work and property of others (including Makers tools and equipment) and to clean up after yourself.

Children under 15 may not be left unsupervised at Makers unless they are taking part in a facilitated activity.

Except as part of Made at Makers, you may not use Maker materials or supplies to create items to sell.


We have a few programs just kicking off (Made at Makers and Maker Boxes) that could provide excellent income opportunities for members.

We are working hard to find sponsors and donors to help fund our STEM and YOUTH programming and have a dream to bring things such as an indie film festival, professional development workshops for artists, repair fairs and youth leadership programs to Makers.

Your support is appreciated more than we can say.


Group memberships were designed to allow institutions, companies and other groups to be able to access Makers.

A basic group membership comes with five member cards, which can be used by anyone in the group in self-directed activities. Additional group cards are $40 each.  If there are more people than cards on any given use, a Day Pass must be purchased for each additional participant.

Group memberships cover the same activities and have the same limitations/privileges as an individual or family membership. They are intended to cover SELF DIRECTED activities and do not include facilitation by Makers staff. Any children or  individuals requiring assistance which are included in a group must have adult supervision/facilitation at a rate of 1 facilitator/supervisor per five (5) participants. Such facilitators are not charged and do not need a card for entry (this is to cover group homes and other institutional groups and does not apply to parents or custodial adults in family groups).

Individuals included in a group membership are able to come to Makers alone provided they are fifteen or older and are able to engage in self-directed activities without undue assistance.

Group memberships may not exceed ten (10) people.

If you’re looking for information on group sessions (such as parties, showers, class trips, club meetings, etc.) please see the Group Session page.