To every sponsor … the ones who have already stepped up and the ones who will … know this … you made a difference. Your generosity helped a community make a dream come true. It doesn’t get much better.

To every member … these are the businesses that support us. Please be one of those people who believes in reciprocity and thankfulness and, when possible, shop at our sponsors’ busineseses.

Swinamer’s Home Building Center

Us locals have long known about the generosity and goodwill of the fine folks at Swinamer’s who have been participants, sponsors and cheerleaders at many local events and for many local enterprises. THESE are the sorts of businesses that make towns ‘tick’.

Recently, Swinamer’s announced they would provide building and related  materials to all Happy Community Projects at special cost.

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Windsor Home Hardware and Furniture

Must be something in the Home Hardware soup – because our local dealers are on top of their game. If local entrepreneurs and dreamers are having a particularly inspired period (and they are) it’s largely due to the incredible support we get from our local established businesses.

Jeff and the team at Windsor Home Hardware and Furniture generously set us up with our large television and surround sound system. This is how communities grow and prosper and we’re excited to be part of it.

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Victory Credit Union

From the moment we opened our account, Victory Credit Union has been a positive, encouraging force for us. Their support, from simple banking to the complexities of non-profit financing, has been invaluable. They have pretty nice coffee mugs, too 🙂

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Through local representative Randy Hussey, safety supply giant Chandler has generously provided us with safety supplies for the Maker Space and Woodshop areas. We now officially have the coolest safety glasses in town. Come check them out! 

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Lisa Drader-Murphy | Turbine

On her website, Lisa says that “kindness is always in fashion” and she lives up to her words. We went in to look at purchasing a cutting table and we left with bags (and bags) of fabric, leather and wool pieces, a display stand and a shelving unit. From one “made” maker to all the aspiring makers, this is how its done. 

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Avondale Sky Winery

Making award winning wines from locally grown grapes is practically the epitome of the Maker philosophy.  Beyond the gorgeous farm and the delicious wines there lives a spirit of simple dreams achieved with hard work, unrelenting effort and dedication to craft.  They have generously agreed to supply us with wine for our opening event. 

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Happy Community Project

Barry Braun and the Happy Community Project have provided an invaluable service to Windsor and through that, to Makers. By convincing a community that they own the power to change things and control their own future, the HCP has made possible the creation of several community endeavors – one of which was Makers.  

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Nika PaperArts Supplies

From lending her considerable expertise to donating an extensive collection of art and craft supplies, Nika is not only a major sponsor of Makers, but is also a partner. To maximize the convenience of local artists and crafters, Makers will be acting as a sales agent for Nika and will carry many of their stock items in our store.

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The Avon River Heritage Society

Avon River Heritage Society had unused tools. Makers needed tools. In the great tradition of community organizations supporting each other, we were the grateful recipients of a generous variety of tools and equipment from Avon River Heritage. We’re pleased to put them to good use in the very spirit they were once used in Avondale.

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Reader’s Haven

Reader’s Haven is practically a Windsor institution. Countless residents have found themselves rummaging happily around through the treasure filled shelves of this wonderful store. Always willing to lend a thoughtful opinion, Wendy is a true community treasure.  Her help in finding books for Makers (at the right price) has been invaluable.

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